Marine Invertebrates of Oman
Citation: Paulay G, Anker A, Bemis A, Benzoni F, Brown S, Budaeva N, Casartelli M, Cherneva M, Claereboudt M, Claereboudt E, Gress E, Kocot K, Kolbasova G, Lasley R, Lotufo T, Maslakova S, McFadden C, Meyer C, Moore J, Olson C, Samimi-Namin K, Terraneo T, Tweedt T, Uehling A, Uyeno D, Vicente Raczkowski J, 2023-onward. Marine Invertebrates of Oman. InvertEBase
Locality: Oman

This checklist presents some of the results of the Marine Biodiversity Survey of Oman.  The checklist currently draws only on the collections databased at the Florida Museum of Natural History (FLMNH), where the bulk of the samples have been deposited, but plans include incorporating other participating collections once feasible.  Databasing of this collection is ongoing, as is the addition of images.  Identification work is also continuing, and the preliminary identifications of many species will change as these get studied.  Note also that only taxa represented in the InvertEBase taxonomic thesaurus are loaded, thus samples identified to genus or higher taxa, or with provisional species names could not be included.  All taxa (an estimated 3,000-4,000 species) are however available through the FLMNH collection database ( 

This survey was carried out by an international team of taxonomists (the authors) to document marine life in the coastal waters of the Sultanate of Oman, in collaboration with Sultan Qaboos University, the Environmental Authority of Oman, Oman Plant and Genetic Resources Center, and Five Oceans, with the logistic support of Naser Al-Khanjari (Omanta Scuba Diving Academy), Musallam Zidan (Salalah Diving and Marine Services Company), Sergey Dobretsov (SQU), Simon Wilson and Haitham Al-Wahaibi (5 Oceans), Nancy Stauft, and David and Leslie Bosch.  We are also grateful to many people who helped with aspects of the field work, other taxonomists who helped with identifications, the Royal Air Force of Oman for facilitating access on Masirah Island, and the US National Science Foundation for funding.

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Families: 317
Genera: 754
Species: 1281
Total Taxa: 1281

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[Buccinulus strigosus Gould, 1859, Pupa fumata (Reeve, 1865), Pupa kirki (Hutton, 1873), Solidula affinis (A. Adams, 1855)]
[Pupa strigosa strigosa (A. Gould, 1859)]
[Aeolidiella alba Risbec, 1928, Bulbaeolidia alba (Risbec, 1928)]
[Pavona formosa Dana, 1846, Pavona praetorta (Dana, 1846), Pavona venusta Dana, 1846, Pavonia formosa Dana, 1846]
[Philinopsis cyanea (Martens, 1879), Philinopsis gigliolii (Tapparone Canefri, 1874)]
[Alpheopsis consobrinus De Man, 1910, Alpheopsis equalis Coutière, 1903]
[Alpheus dolichodactylus Ortmann, 1890, Alpheus malabaricus songkla Banner & Banner, 1966]
[Amphioplus squamata (Delle Chiaje, 1828), Amphipholis australiana H.L. Clark, 1909, Amphipholis japonica Matsumoto, 1915, Amphipholis tenera (Lütken, 1856), Amphipholis tenuispina (Ljungman, 1865), Axiognathus squamatus (Delle Chiaje, 1828), Ophiura elegans Leach, 1815]
[Amplustrum amplustre (Linnaeus, 1758), Aplustrum thalassiarchi (A.Adams, 1855), Hydatina amplustre (Linnaeus, 1758), Hydatina aplustre [sic]]
[Aplysia brunnea Hutton, 1875, Aplysia sibogae Bergh, 1905]
[Aplysia atromarginata Bergh, 1905]
[Dolabella ecaudata (Rang, 1828), Dolabella gigas (Rang, 1828), Dolabella rumphii Blainville, 1819, Dolabella scapula O'Donoghue, 1929, Dolabella variegata Pease, 1860]
[Anadara holoserica (Reeve, 1843), Arca holoserica Reeve, 1843]
[Arca nivea Chemnitz, 1784, Barbatia cancellata Preston, 1908, Barbatia hendersoni Dall, Bartsch & Rehder, 1938, Barbatia lima (Reeve, 1844), Barbatia nivea (Röding, 1798), Barbatia velata (G. B. Sowerby I, 1833)]
[Arca obliquata W. Wood, 1828, Barbatia alfredensis Bartsch, 1915]
[Enzinopsis menkeana (Dunker, 1860)]
[Cantharus iostoma (Gray, 1834), Cantharus iostomus [sic], Pisania billeheusti (Petit de la Saussaye, 1853), Prodotia iostomus [sic]]
[Bursa echinata (Link, 1807), Bursa spinosa (Schumacher, 1817), Ranella spinosa Lamarck, 1816]
[Acrosterigma arenicola (Reeve, 1845), Cardium arenicolum Reeve, 1845, Cardium maculosum W. Wood, 1815, Trachycardium maculosum (W. Wood, 1815)]
[Cardium fornicatum G. B. Sowerby II, 1840, Fragum fornicatum (Sowerby II, 1840)]
[Cardium australe G.B. Sowerby II, 1834, Laevicardium australe (G.B. Sowerby II, 1834)]
[Heterocyathus japonicus (Verrill, 1866), Stephanoseris lamellosa Verrill, 1865]
[Cerithium cylindraceum Pease, 1869, Cerithium sculptum Pease, 1869]
[Cerithium lacteum Kiener, 1842, Cerithium papillosum Sowerby G.B. II, 1855, Cerithium pusillum Nuttal in Jay, 1852, Cerithium spiculum Hedley, 1899]
[Cerithium cedonulli G. B. Sowerby II, 1855, Cerithium obeliscus Bruguière, 1792, Clava sinensis (Gmelin, 1791), Rhinoclavis obeliscus (Bruguière, 1792)]
[Chama aspersa Reeve, 1846, sensu Spry (1964), Chama fibula Reeve, 1846, Chama hendersoni Dall, Bartsch & Rehder, 1938, Chama jukesii Reeve, 1847, Chama spinosa Broderip, 1835]
[Euchelus angulatus Pease, 1868, Euchelus foveolatus (A. Adams, 1851), Herpetopoma foveolatum (A. Adams, 1853), Vaceuchelus angulatus (Pease, 1868)]
[Tonicia dilecta ; mult. auct., Tonicia suezensis ; auct., Tonicia sueziensis (Reeve, 1847)]
[Chiton maldivensis (E. A. Smith, 1903), Ischnochiton maldivensis E. A. Smith, 1903]
[Anachis misera (G. B. Sowerby I, 1844), Columbella zebra (Wood, 1828)]
[Columbella albina Kiener, 1841, Columbella lactea Duclos, 1840, Columbella ligula Duclos, 1840, Graphicomassa albina (Kiener, 1841), Mitrella albina (Kiener, 1841), Mitrella ligula (Duclos, 1840), Pyrene ligula (Duclos, 1840)]
[Columbella fabula G.B.Sowerby I, 1844, Columbella pardalina Lamarck, 1822, Columbella sagena Reeve, 1859, Columbella testudinaria Link, 1807, Columbella virginea Duclos, 1840, Pardalina testudinaria (Link, 1807), Pyrene pardalina (Lamarck, 1822), Pyrene testudinaria (Link, 1807), Pyrene vulpecula (G. B. Sowerby I, 1844)]
[Comanthus alternans (Carpenter, 1881), Comanthus polycnemis AH Clark, 1909]
[Comanthus wahlbergi (Müller, 1843), Comanthus wahlbergi serratus (Gislén, 1938), Comanthus wahlbergi tenuibrachia AM Clark, 1972, Comissia hartmeyeri AH Clark, 1912]
[Comaster multibrachiata (Carpenter, 1888), Comaster multibrachiatus (Carpenter, 1888)]
[Conus ranunculus Hwass in Bruguière, 1792, Pionoconus achatinus (Gmelin, 1791)]
[Conus zulu Petuch, 1979, Dendroconus betulinus (Linnaeus, 1758)]
[Conus concinnus G.B.Sowerby II, 1866, Conus piperatus Dillwyn, 1817, Splinoconus biliosus (Röding, 1798)]
[Pseudolilliconus boschorum (Moolenbeek & Coomans, 1993)]
[Pionoconus catus (Hwass in Bruguière, 1792)]
[Conus crassus G. B. Sowerby II, 1858, Conus polyglotta Weinkauff, 1874, Tesselliconus eburneus (Hwass in Bruguière, 1792)]
[Conus millepunctatus Lamarck, 1822, Lithoconus leopardus (Röding, 1798)]
[Conus generalis maldivus Hwass in Bruguière, 1792, Strategoconus maldivus (Hwass in Bruguière, 1792)]
[Conus boschi Clover, 1972, Conus pusio G. B. Sowerby I, 1834, Quasiconus melvilli (G. B. Sowerby III, 1879)]
[Conus barbadensis Hwass, 1792, in Bruguière, Conus fulgetrum G. B. Sowerby I, 1834, Conus scaber Kiener, 1847, Miliariconus miliaris (Hwass in Bruguière, 1792)]
[Conus badius Kiener, 1845, Conus laevigatus G.B.Sowerby II, 1858, Rhizoconus namocanus (Hwass in Bruguière, 1792)]
[Calamiconus jeffreyi Petuch & Sargent, 2011, Calamiconus quercinus (Lightfoot, 1786), Conus cingulum Gmelin, 1791]
[Conus chemnitzii Dillwyn, 1817, Conus semivelatus G.B.Sowerby Iii, 1882, Conus tahitiensis Dautzenberg, 1932, Conus taitensis Hwass in Bruguière, 1792, Conus viridis G.B.Sowerby II, 1857, Rhizoconus rattus (Hwass in Bruguière, 1792)]
[Conus maculatus Bosc, 1801, Conus puncturatus Hwass in Bruguière, 1792, Harmoniconus sponsalis (Hwass in Bruguière, 1792)]
[Conus cholmondeleyi Melvill, 1900, Conus concatenatus Kiener, 1850, Conus dilectus Gould, 1850, Conus panniculus Lamarck, 1810, Conus suzannae van Rossum, 1990, Conus tigrinus G. B. Sowerby II, 1858, Conus verriculum Reeve, 1843, Cylinder textile (Linnaeus, 1758)]
[Conus sulphuratus Kiener, 1847, Conus sumatrensis Hwass in Bruguière, 1792, Conus vexillum sumatrensis Hwass in Bruguière, 1792, Rhizoconus vexillum (Gmelin, 1791)]
[Conus ceylonicus G.B.Sowerby II, 1857, Conus obesus Hwass in Bruguière, 1792, Conus zeylandicus [sic], Puncticulis zeylanicus (Gmelin, 1791)]
[Corbula modesta Reeve, 1843, Corbula tahitensis Hanley, 1843]
[Mitra polita Reeve, 1844, Vexillum crebriliratum (Reeve, 1844)]
[Mitra amabilis Reeve, 1845, Pusia amabilis (Reeve, 1845)]
[Blasicrura hirundo (Linnaeus, 1758), Cypraea hirundo Linnaeus, 1758]
[Cypraea onyx Linnaeus, 1758, Cypraea succincta Linnaeus, 1758, Erronea succincta (Linnaeus, 1758)]
[Cypraea globosa, Cypraea lynx Linnaeus, 1758, Cypraea punctulata Gmelin, 1791, Cypraea vanelli Linnaeus, 1758]
[Cypraea moneta Linnaeus, 1758, Erosaria moneta (Linnaeus, 1758)]
[Cypraea facifer (Iredale, 1935), Cypraea turdus winckworthi Schilder & Schilder, 1938, Erosaria turdus turdus (Lamarck, 1810)]
[Cypraea fimbriata Gmelin, 1791, Cypraea fimbriata fimbriata, Palmadusta fimbriata (Gmelin, 1791)]
[Blasicrura teres (Gmelin, 1791), Blasicrura teres teres, Cribraria teres (Gmelin, 1791), Cypraea tabescens Dillwyn, 1817, Cypraea teres Gmelin, 1791, Cypraea teres teres]
[Cypraea rattus Lamarck, 1810, Cypraea stercoraria Linnaeus, 1758]
[Astropsammia pedersenii Verrill, 1869, Coenopsammia manni Verrill, 1866, Coenopsammia radiata Verrill, 1864, Coenopsammia tenuilamellosa Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848, Dendrophyllia manni (Verrill, 1866), Dendrophyllia surcularis Verrill, 1869, Lobopsammia darwini Duncan, 1876, Tubastraea tenuilamellosa (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848)]
[Dendrophyllia aequiserialis Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848, Dendrophyllia nigrescens Dana, 1846]
[Didemnum dorotubu Tokioka, 1967, Didemnum psammathodes (Sluiter, 1895)]
[Dardanus asper (De Haan, 1849 [in De Haan, 1833-1850]), Dardanus haanii Rathbun, 1902]
[Discodoris ketos (Ev.Marcus & Er.Marcus, 1967), Discodoris maculosa Bergh, 1884]
[Acmaea profunda (Deshayes), Patelloida profunda (Deshayes, 1863), Patelloida profunda mauritiana (Pilsbry, 1892)]
[Fusinus longicauda (Lamarck, 1801), Fusus colus (Linnaeus, 1758)]
[Echinopora concinna Verrill, 1901, Echinopora elegans Verrill, 1901, Echinopora flexuosa Verrill, 1864, Echinopora reflexa Dana, 1846, Echinopora undulata Dana, 1846]
[Astraea robusta Dana, 1846, Astraea virens Dana, 1846, Favites virens (Dana, 1846)]
[Diodora bombayana (G. B. Sowerby II, 1862), Fissurella tenuistriata Sowerby, 1862]
[Amblychilepas dubia (Reeve, 1849), Fissurella dubia Reeve, 1849]
[Chaena lagenula Gould, 1861, Gastrochaena aequabilis Sluiter, 1890, Gastrochaena cymbium Spengler, 1783]
[Gastrochaena mytiloides Lamarck, 1818, Gastrochaena plicatilis Deshayes, 1855, Spengleria plicatilis (Deshayes, 1855)]
[Glycymeris amboinensis (Gmelin, 1791), Glycymeris pectiniformis (Lamarck, 1819), Glycymeris pectunculus (Linnaeus, 1758), Pectunculus pectiniformis Lamarck, 1819, Tucetona amboinensis (Gmelin, 1791), Tucetona amboinensis extra Iredale, 1939]