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Darwin Core Archive Publishing

The following downloads are occurrence data packages from collections that have chosen to publish their complete dataset as a Darwin Core Archive (DwC-A) file. DwC-A files are a single compressed ZIP file that contains one to several data files along with a meta.xml document that describes the content. Archives published through this portal contain three comma separated (CSV) files containing occurrences, identifications (determinations), and image metadata. Fields within the occurrences.csv file are defined by the Darwin Core exchange standard. The identification and image files follow the DwC extensions for those data types.

Data Usage Policy:

Use of these datasets requires agreement with the terms and conditions in our Data Usage Policy. Locality details for rare, threatened, or sensitive records have been redacted from these data files. One must contact the collections directly to obtain access to sensitive locality data.
Code Collection Name Darwin Core Archive (DwC-A) Metadata Pub Date
ASU-ASUMOC Arizona State University Mollusk Collection DwC-A (0.2M ) EML 2024-05-01
CM-Mollusks Carnegie Museum of Natural History - Mollusks DwC-A (25.2M ) EML 2024-05-01
UASD-IIBZ-MOL Colección Malacológica, Instituto de Investigaciones Botánicas y Zoológicas DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2024-05-01
IIBZ-IIBZ-MOL Colección malacológica del Instituto de Investigaciones Botánicas y Zoológicas Prof. Rafael M. Moscoso de 1957 a 2000 DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2024-05-01
DMNH-Mollusk Delaware Museum of Nature and Science – Mollusks DwC-A (51.8M ) EML 2024-05-01
UMNH-Invertebrates Invertebrates Collection at the Natural History Museum of Utah DwC-A (1.8M ) EML 2024-05-01
ANSP-MAL Malacology Collection at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia DwC-A (70.1M ) EML 2024-05-01
LACM Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Marine Invertebrates DwC-A (1M ) EML 2024-05-01
SDNHM-MarineInvertebrates SDNHM Marine Invertebrate Collection DwC-A (19.2M ) EML 2024-05-01
UM-RSMAS-VMIC University of Miami, Voss Marine Invertebrate Collections DwC-A (4.6M ) EML 2024-05-01